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About me

After finishing school, I participated in a community service program in Paraguay. Wanting to be able to understand the impact economic policy can have on people’s lives, I had to understand the economy as a whole first, so I made my decision: During the next years, I studied economics in Berlin, Toulouse, Havana and Lisbon. Throughout my Studies, I started to put my focus on macroeconomics. After starting my PhD in 2019, it was that specific focus which then brought me to the Institute of Economic Policy at Humboldt University. My research position gives me not only the possibility to continuously do research and work on my own projects but includes teaching responsibilities as well. Since I have always enjoyed explaining, teaching and discussing economic concepts, I am facing those responsibilities with great delight.


You can download my CV (PDF) here.


Feel free to get in touch with me if you are interested in my research. I am looking forward to receiving your message!